Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces More With New Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces are like having another living room, only with fresh air and sunshine all around. Homes, hotels, restaurants, and country clubs are a few of the places one will find outdoor lounge spaces. These patio spaces can be open to the sky or have a roof, but they are all open to the outdoors with nice views and breezes. Comfortable, high-quality furniture makes the experience more enjoyable. Choosing contract outdoor furniture is a simple matter of going to the right company. A high-quality outdoor furniture company like Bridgman will have many good choices.

When you go to Bridgman for contract outdoor furniture, you will have many material and color options. There are furniture collections made of synthetic rattan, teak wood, and aluminum. Each collection will have color and fabric choices. Each collection will have different types of chairs, tables, benches, loveseats, sofas, and sectional seating. There are accessory pieces to fill out the seating arrangements. Once a material is chosen, such as rattan, one can choose a whole seating and eating arrangement to fit the available outdoor space.

Synthetic rattan is a good choice for many seating and eating areas. It has the traditional look of rattan but is more impervious to damage from rain, sun, or temperature changes. There are nine or more different rattan weave patterns available using different sizes and colors of rattan material. Rattan is a versatile material that can be used in traditional or contemporary styles with equal success. Rattan woven material is used on a strong powder coated aluminum frame to make an attractive, comfortable piece of furniture. The combination of synthetic rattan and an aluminum frame lends itself to many forms of outdoor furniture including dining, seating, and occasional tables. The tables are often topped with toughened glass that is held secure by small plastic discs.

Advantages of this combination of materials for outdoor furniture include ease of cleaning, being impervious to temperatures from -70 degrees C to + 80 degrees C and weather resistance. This type of rattan furniture is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. As with any type of furniture, one should buy high quality rather than bargain basement models to get the most attractive, strong, and durable furniture. Sometimes the more expensive model turns out to be the best value because it lasts so much longer. In shopping for outdoor furniture, one should look for high style, comfort, and good quality. Go to commercial outdoor furniture to find out more useful information and view an online catalog.